Will Festival Charging Stations Improve Customer Experience?


Outdoor Phone Charging Stations

One of the biggest problems faced by music festivals and outdoor events every summer is power. All too often, attendees are faced with the inevitable red battery sign showing them a distinct lack of power. With little charge and nowhere to rectify, festival organisers could face big problems.

If they aren’t uploading photos and videos to social media, your event guests will be calling loved ones, keeping up to date on group chats and no doubt trying their hardest to relocate the crowd they attended with after they inevitably lose each other queuing for food.

The Benefits Of Hiring A Phone Charging Station

Attending a festival of any kind that offers the ability to recharge and reconnect while you’re there however, could mean taking your festival to the next level. Don’t believe us? Here are just some of the benefits you could expect to see when you hire a phone charging station or two at your events and festivals this summer.

Why Your Outdoor Event Needs Phone Charging Lockers

Whether you’re holding a music festival or a food festival, your event could really benefit from event phone charging lockers and here’s how:

Staying Up To Date With The Line Up

 With several phone charging stands in place, you ensure your guests are kept happy at all times. While we may not like to admit it, we rely on our phones more than we realise. Whether it’s googling the latest band playing or simply staying connected, we need to know that device in our pocket is on and ready when we need it.

By providing festival phone charging, you’re giving your guests the ability to stay in the loop and believe us when we say, that will guarantee you very happy guests indeed.

Advertise On Our Phone Charging Stations

 Believe it or not, phone charging stations are an incredible marketing tool. Not only do our phone charging stations offer you the ability to display marketing graphics on in-built screens but they also keep your users connected which means more data captured and subsequently uploaded onto social media platforms.

The more guests, bands and staff take photos and share them online, the more the world gets to see of what’s going on at your festival. This means more sales next year. Let’s face it, there’s no power quite like social media.

Increase The Likelihood Of Your Audience Staying

 Keep guests in attendance by offering them what they would otherwise leave camp for. Guests now a days are all too happy to leave an event if their phone dies. While it may sound drastic, it could mean the difference between a parent staying in contact with their child or a teen getting home safely.

Mobile phones aren’t just social media tools, they’re safety devices too and staying connected is so important. Offering guests the ability to stay charged and online will prevent your guests from leaving your event early to head back to the car to charge their phone or worse still, go home entirely. While guests leaving sight for thirty minutes here and there may not sound like a big deal, consider the buying power you lose when they aren’t on sight.

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Jason Singh