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Welcome to ChargeSpot UK, We have a superior range of mobile phone charging stations that offer the latest technology. From touch screen and fingerprint technology to super secure pin-activated lockers. Our products offer liquid crystal display screens to showcase your content & brand in the clearest way possible; our range is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Our entire collection can come with custom exclusive vinyl wrap packages, delivery and set up. This won’t align you with the competition; it’ll ensure you’re miles in front. With our exceptional phone charging service you’ll not only look smart and sleek, but you’ll put your competition in their place.

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To ensure we cater for everyone, our collection offers different models suitable for different venues and events. Experience quality from a trusted supplier with our phone charging lockers to our multi phone charging stations. Simply get in touch and our team will point you in the right direction of the most suitable model.

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Power Stand - Phone Charging Station

Our Power Stands can charge up to 20 devices at one time. That’s a mobile phone charging station guaranteed to cater to a crowd. With more than one in place too, you can rest assured your entire event will have access to phone charging as and when they need it. You can custom vinyl wrap the power stand with your branding and advertising, as well as advertise on the built in 27" LCD screen.

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Power Locker - Phone Charging Stations

Our Power lockers offer the ability to charge up to 6 iPhone or android devices at any one time. Not only that, but they do so in the most safe and secure way possible allowing users to lock their device within individual mobile phone lockers. Not only are these mobile phone charging lockers fast & secure with a six pin security system but their compact design also makes them adaptable to any location, small or large.

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Power Compact Pro - Phone Charging Stations

As they say, all good things come in small packages and the Power Compact Pro is no exception. This small but mighty mobile phone charging station can charge 20 iPhone & android devices at any one time in a sleek design. With crystal clear display, this charging station can display video content and images with ease. Its compact design makes it ideal for venues that may be short on space or have a small footprint.