Where can I charge my phone?

Welcome to ChargeSpot UK, home of the ultimate phone charging station in London. With a multitude of phone charging points in and around our cities, we intend to keep you connected with the rest of world, never having to worry about whether your smart device battery can keep up with today’s fast pace of life. Now, wherever you are, you can simply plug in and securely lock your phone away until it’s charged and ready for action. Whether you’ve found yourself staring at a worrying ‘10% Battery Life’ warning on your screen display as you’re about to capture the ultimate insta pic or find yourself dashing from meeting to meeting, wondering, “Where Can I Charge My Phone In London?”, we have the solution.


Mobile Phone Charging Stations In The UK

Here at Charge Spot UK, our phone charging stations in London and across the UK are here to help. Our aim? To help everyone from a city worker to a tourist stay connected and mobile without failure. Our public phone charging stations have been placed at specific locations around the capital and beyond to ensure your smartphone is able to keep up with whatever life has to throw at it and you always remain connected. Our UK phone charging lockers can be found using our online map right here, so next time you’re wondering where to charge your phone in London, you’ll find your nearest spot just a few clicks away.

We’ve done our best to place them strategically throughout the city and the UK, as you’ll see on our map, to ensure they’re as convenient as possible. That means wherever you are, whenever you’re in need of a quick charge for your smartphone, our phone charging points in London and beyond, have you covered every single time.