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Welcome to ChargeSpot® UK. We supply custom branded, commercial grade phone charging stations for short or long term rental. Our phone charging stations are specifically designed for use at corporate events, exhibitions, conferences, sporting events, shopping centres, hospitality venues and offices. All our products include custom vinyl wrapping packages, complete servicing and maintenance for peace of mind. Welcome to the future of phone charging!

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As a nation, we’re becoming increasingly reliant on our smart devices. Whether we’re shopping online during the commute, working on the go or keeping in touch with friends and family around the globe; staying connected has never been so popular.

Here at Charge Spot UK, we understand the value behind a charged battery, not to mention the stress and anxiety caused when a device loses charge. That’s why we provide phone charging stations across the United Kingdom for events and festivals, to help ensure your visitors remain connected at every corner.

Leasing Phone Charging Lockers

We offer a range of services to suit everyone. We sell, rent and lease phone charging lockers so no matter what or where you need it for, we have a service to suit. Our services are there to offer you complete peace of mind and ensure you get the phone charging station you need with minimal fuss and for the most competitive price too. Whether you need a mobile phone charging station in London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Dublin or anywhere in the UK, Charge Spot UK have you covered!


Your Perfect Phone Charging Solutions


The Power Stand with the ability to charge up to 20 different devices at any one time. This phone charging station is ideal for a crowd and when paired up with more of its own, can cater to larger scale events with ease.

The Power Compact Pro can also charge up to 20 iPhone and android devices at the same time but comes in a much more compact body. Ideal for events or festivals where crowds may be large but space may not be so available.

The Power Locker, a small and compact phone charging station. Able to charge 6 iPhone and Android phones, it’s ideal for small events and festivals where space isn’t a luxury. Being so small, the Power Lockers are incredibly adaptable and suitable for any location in London or the UK as a whole.

Mobile Phone Charging Stations For Your Event

All of our mobile phone charging station rental packages in the UK come complete with our care packages for the entire duration of your rental contract; from servicing to maintenance, cleaning to even software updates and upgrades.

You can rest assured that all of our phone charging stations offer the best functionality possible. Whether you want to avoid clients suffering battery problems at your event or want a creative way to keep a customer in front of you while you throw them your best sales pitch, our packages offering a high quality phone charging stand could be the perfect option.

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