How Do Mobile Phone Charging Stations Work?

In the UK we’re becoming ever more reliant on our smart devices, whether it’s our phones or our tablets. From shopping online to simply sprucing up the otherwise dreary commute into work, having our phone with us is no less a necessity than it is a luxury now and what’s more, staying connected is what it’s all about.

With so many applications now available however, the batteries are draining fast and that’s where the problem lies. It’s one thing to stay connected but to stay connected on just one full charge is another thing entirely. That’s exactly where our mobile phone charging stations are the ideal solution.

Whether you’re running a pop up event or looking for ways for customers and clients to stay connected from your offices or retail space, our Mobile phone charging stations are the best option. The question is however, how exactly do they work?


Mobile Charging Stations: The Lowdown

Here at Charge Spot UK we have a range of products on offer as well as a range of options for those products. So what products do we have available?

  • Power Stand - Power Stands have the ability to charge 20 devices at any one time. With more than one of our power stands in place, you’re guaranteed to avoid crowds. They will cater to a multitude of different branded phones and charging points. They also offer a built in 27” LCD screen to add further advertising to the custom vinyl wrap that’s available.

  • Power Locker Phone Power Lockers can charge 6 iPhone or Android devices. Not only that but they do so in the most secure mode possible by allowing people to literally lock and leave their devices in individual spaces. Not only are they secure, offering fast charging, but they also offer added security in the form of pin codes. Their compact design makes them hugely adaptable too, even in the smallest of locations.

  • Power Compact Pro The Power Compact Pro is precisely that, all the power in the most compact package. Despite it’s small appearance, it still has the ability to charge 20 iPhone and Android devices. The Power Compact Pro also offers a crystal clear display which can display any video content and images you wish, with ease.

The Benefits Of Phone Charging Stations

  • Easy To Use - Our mobile phone charging stations are incredibly easy to use. Easy enough that you could have one installed and watch the general public make use of them almost instantly.

  • Available To The Public – Our phone charging stations are available to all, from retailers and event planners to the general public.

  • Fast Charging Technology – Our charging stations offer the same power as wall chargers, in some cases, faster charging technology which means you don’t need to worry about having to leave devices for too long to gain a significant charge.

  • Advanced Branding – From totally customised vinyl wrap around each charging station to video and imagery content on the crystal clear displays available on selected charging stations, the ability for branding is amazing.

Here at Charge Spot UK, we offer a range of services that work for everyone, from large organisations to private, small time events. If you’d like more information on our phone charging lockers, simply contact us today on 07940 032344.

Jason Singh