Why Choose a ChargeSpot Charging Station?

Chargespot at G.H.MUMM Launch

Chargespot at G.H.MUMM Launch

Chargspot at The Australian Open 2017

Chargspot at The Australian Open 2017

A Fresh New Approach to Advertising

Our Mobile Phone Charging Stations, which incorporate impressive 21" HD Digital Display screens, offer a unique and highly cost effective advertising platform.

Phone Charging Stations For Conferences

When placed strategically around your event, conference or venue,  people are naturally drawn to our Mobile Charging Lockers and Stations, because the machines are easy to use and incorporate eye catching 21" HD Digital Display screens with audio.

Advertising On Our Phone Charing Stations

By marketing to targeted individuals, whether they have a need to charge their devices or are merely passive customers, our unique advertising platform provides leading global brands with the opportunity to set themselves apart from their competitors, without breaking the bank.

The Benefits Of Our Charing Stations

Patrons of the Mobile Charging Stations, without hesitation, embrace the brand sponsoring the service and leave with a positive feeling.

This feeling translates to increased customers for both the brand and Mobile Charging Station owners/sponsors, increased footfall, increased dwell time and most importantly conversion to even greater sales.

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