How to Make Your Event a Success With Phone Charging Stations!

Chargespot Phone Charging

Law & Co using a Chargespot PowerStand at the Stockdale & Leggo Exhibition

Phone Charging Station Hire For Events

Make phone charging stations a must have in and around your event! It's that simple! Think of the times you've been out and about and running out of battery! Anxiety hits as your battery drops in percentage! You spot a phone charging station and relief sets in. 

Charing Power Stations And Power Lockers For hire

Many event planners look for regular or cheap phone chargers when planning an event, and while this may work at some events, it’s usually not the best option for your attendees. A quality charging locker with quality cables allow them to charge their devices quickly and securely.  

Every product at Chargespot takes users into consideration so that we can ensure the attendees of your event can enjoy the secure phone charging at your event! 

Here are just 3 ways a Chargespot charging station will make your next event a total and complete success!

Brand Activation

Offering free phone charging is great! What is even greater? A fully wrapped and branded charging station that drives consumer action through brand experiences. In simple terms, your potential consumers get a value added interaction with your brand!. It brings your brand to life via the experience of phone charging and forms a long-term emotional connection!

Networking Opportunity

The charging stations presents an opportunity for you to interact with your consumers. While they stand around the chargestation whilst waiting for their phones to charge, you get the opportunity to strike up a conversation and share information about your brand, product or service! 

Direct Traffic

As an event planner, you want to create a space that benefits all inolved. From your traders to sponsors and event patrons. Setting up chargestations in and around your exhibition space directs traffic to footfall to certain areas of the exhibition space.   Inject "dead" spaces with life by creating recharge zones, where patrons and traders can interact while they re-fuel!

andrew o'brien