How Mobile Phone Charging Stations Can Help Increase Sales

Mobile phone charging stations are a fast-growing addition of the retail tech industry. Here at Charge Spot UK, we’ve seen our company grow from a start-up to one of our industry’s leaders and as such, we feel we’re in a great position to impart some vital knowledge – the knowledge of how our mobile charging stations can actually help boost sales.

We provide mobile phone charging stations to a number of different events and shops and it’s not just out of convenience for the attendees. Did you know a phone charging station in your shop or at your event could actually alert customers to your latest deal? Did you know they could boost your brand and increase foot traffic? That’s right! To show you how, we’ve broken it down for you. Let’s take a look at why you can’t afford to miss out on one of the best sales boosts out there:

Boost Your Sales With A Mobile Phone Charging Station

  • Build Engagement And Customer Loyalty – all companies know by now that it’s not about followers and likes, it’s about engagement. The same applies for shops in the bricks and mortar sense too. Brand loyalty is key, especially with the explosion of e-commerce stores, so finding ways to not only entice shoppers in but also keep them there is an excellent tactic. For service-orientated stores, it’s no longer enough to simply offer a free bottle of water. With people becoming more media device orientated by the day, offering them the ability to stay fully charged and connected becomes not only a nice to have but a necessity. It’s the best way to offer an engaging experience and get people into your store, looking around and connecting with you and what you have to offer.

  • Capture Relevant Data – from shops to events, everyone today is doing their utmost to capture actionable data. What’s more, they’re going in search of ways to integrate data-capturing technologies. Mobile charging stations are one such way to integrate this particular type of technology whether it’s in your shop or at your event. With the ability to secure data such as contact details, loyalty numbers and even completed surveys, many are finding they’re able to use this data, be it at the time or after said event, to not only target advertisements more precisely but convert more sales online.

  • Drive Foot Traffic – installing a mobile charging locker has proven to drive more foot traffic into your retail space, especially from customers who wouldn’t otherwise have paid you a visit. Retailers in particular are reaping numerous benefits in this instance as statistics show customers who charge their phone stay in the shop 2.27 times longer than those who don’t. There’s said to be a 54% boost in conversion rates for those who utilise a charging station too. Statistics also show that phone charging customers also spend a whopping 29% more than those who aren’t using our mobile charging stations.

  • Marketing At Every Opportunity – whether you choose to place your mobile charging station in store or out, you can still send your customers your desired message. How? Through the help of vinyl wrap. Our charging stations all have the ability to display your message, from your current offers to what you have available in store, with vinyl wrap advertisements. Not only can you draw customers in to your store, but you can do so for a very specific reason – to take advantage of your current offers and sales. This will mean people coming into your shop specifically to spend money, subsequently boosting sales further. Think of your charging kiosks as effectively doubling up as a mobile marketing platform, all thanks to custom wrapping the exterior.

Increase Your Sales And Boost Your Brand With Phone Charging Stations

If increased foot traffic and bottom lines aren’t reason enough to install a mobile charging station, perhaps increased engagement and brand awareness will be? For more information on our mobile charging stations, all capable of helping you to increase sales and boost brand awareness, contact us today on 07940 032344. We have an array of charging stations ideal for every situation from small, discreet charging stations to larger phone charging lockers with the ability to charge multiple devices at any one time.

Jason Singh