Outdoor Phone Charging Stations For Hire


Just taking a quick glance at 2019 so far will show you that the consumer’s obsession with technology has reached dizzying new heights. Not only do we now carry our smartphones around with us everywhere we go but we depend on them so much more than we realise.

From checking train timetables to finding the quickest route to our desired destination, banking on the go and even education – the sky is quite literally the limit to what we now do with our phones. Without realising, we’ve become so reliant on these devices.

 Why Charged Phones Are So Important

With such heavy use however, comes a serious strain on the battery of what is essentially, a pocket device. While we could all simply carry around charging cables and plugs; not only is it highly inconvenient but it’s also difficult finding a plug on the go.

With no charge on our phones, the majority of us are inclined to return home instead of continuing to browse, shop or enjoy ourselves wherever we may be. 

Thankfully that’s where our phone charging stands come into play.

Chargespot UK Have You Covered

Here at Chargespot UK, we offer a selection of outdoor phone charging stations for hire. From exhibitors to retailers, there are a multitude of benefits when it comes to hiring a phone charging station and ensuring shoppers remain in your store to browse and avoid cutting their shopping trip off early is one of them.

Missed purchases such as these can add up to huge losses over the course of the year, especially when you consider the amount of impulse purchases that would have undoubtedly been made along the sales journey, from rail/shelf to till.

Outdoor Phone Charging Stations

Combating this however, is easily done with the help of one of our outdoor phone charging stations for hire. These allow potential customers to charge their phones while they’re in store with you. Whether they choose to use a charging station or a charging locker, they’ll remain in your store longer allowing them to continue their shopping journey through your well thought our sales funnel. 

 Phone Charging Lockers

The added beauty about hiring mobile phone charging lockers for your retail/exhibition/event area is that it not only keeps your own customers there, it also encourages others who wouldn’t necessarily have walked into your retail or event space.

Making it clear that you have a phone charging station in store means members of the public will undoubtedly wander in. Having people wander in to use your phone charging station means fresh eyes seeing your goods and services.

Not only does this create further brand awareness but it will also increase sales as those members of the public spot something they may not have necessarily been looking for. 

Increase Your Sales With Our Mobile Phone Charging Stations

Now of course, mobile phone charging stations will cost you a hire charge. The real value however, comes from the customers who subsequently enjoy further time to browse and shop in your store.

One such study has even shown that using phone charging lockers such as ours correlates with an average of 2.5 hours added time in store per customer while other statistics have shown an increase in sales in the region of 20% in some cases.

While this may not be the realisation for everyone, it’s an opportunity for you to see additional customer engagement and additional sales when paired with a well planned sales funnel. If you’d like more information on our mobile phone charging stations and lockers, simply contact us today on 07940 032344.

Jason Singh