Phone Charging Stations For Shopping Centres

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Mobile phones have become another extension of our bodies, another limb almost. They’re with us everywhere we go and used for both business and pleasure. The world has changed as a result of them, staying connected has become a daily need. With most of our lives now being run via our smartphones it’s no wonder that batteries fall flat at some of the most inopportune moments. Mobile charging stations are therefore one of the best assets in any venue, including shopping centres. 

Shoppers, typically don’t carry around mobile charging cables which makes a mobile charging station the perfect addition to your shopping centre. Shoppers have the opportunity to safely lock away their phones in phone charging lockers and continue shopping. 

Phone Charging Stations For Your Shopping Centre

 More than ever, retailers are seeing the benefits of phone charging stations in their shopping centres and today we’re going to share those benefits with you. Let’s take a look:

  1. Great For Advertising And Branding

When it comes to retailers, creating brand awareness for new collections, sales or simply your brand itself, phone charging stations provide the perfect platform. Here at ChargeSpot UK, we provide mobile charging stations with the opportunity to add your very own branding on not only the station itself but through the media screens they boast too. Enjoying this extra platform will only boost your marketing further.

2. Provide A Better Shopping Experience

Shoppers usually head to shopping centres for a prolonged period of time. By giving them the opportunity to recharge their phones, you’re allowing them the ability to stay longer and as the saying goes, shoppers that linger longer, spend more money. Keeping those shoppers happy and charged up will only help increase sales revenue.

3. Keep People Talking

People are notorious now a days for ‘tagging’ themselves in certain locations. With public phone charging stations, you ensure your customers stay connected and fully able to shout about their current whereabouts. This will not only help increase the popularity of your shopping establishment, whether it’s a full shopping centre or a particular department store but it will also aid in your marketing efforts too, furthering your reach in a manner that’s fast and more importantly, free. Make it even better by creating a personal hashtag for shoppers to use that will allow you to search all posts and push them even further.

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Jason Singh