Benefits Of Offering Phone Charging In The Workplace

Chargespot UK installed phone charging lockers in Facebook across their European offices.

Chargespot UK installed phone charging lockers in Facebook across their European offices.

Over the last decade, smartphones have become an integral part of our lives, with the workplace being no exception. Employers have now incorporated their employees’ personal devices for productivity gains with "Bring your own device" schemes. Applications such as Dropbox allow an employee to get work done while away from their desk.

Phone Charging Stations For The Workplace

Clearly, technological advancements such as Wifi had a catalytic effect that enabled flexibility in the workplace, but power is still a nagging reminder of the limits of technology! Here are some benefits of enabling a new dimension of workplace productivity and convenience by offering phone charging stations or lockers in the workplace. 

Enhanced Productivity
Employers have long worried that mobile usage negatively impacts productivity, but the data might surprise them. Frost & Sullivan estimate that mobile devices add 1hour of productivity daily. Furthermore, employees report an overall increase of 34% in efficiency due to their mobile devices. Those are some serious gains, but they’re only as good as the battery life of the devices in question.

When charging is as easy as plugging in their phone, battery anxiety becomes a thing of the past.

Find Employees in Flexible Workplace Environments
When a phone is charging, its owner is probably nearby, and Chargespot UK's charging solution is a neat addition and can be custom branded for a stylish inclusion to any workspace. 

Common Area Utility
Many employees have a charger ready-to-go at their desks but struggle to stay powered in the conference rooms, breakout spaces, and cafeterias where they spend much of their day. 

By providing charging stations, they keep extra charging cables on hand and keeps everyone connected to power. 

More to Come
Now is a great time for facilities managers, operations teams, and IT departments to consider how they keep their employees powered and productive in the 21st century.

andrew o'brien