5 Ways To Improve Attendee Engagement At Events

A dedicated "Recharge" area at your event is a great way to keep your patrons connected and present at your event!

A dedicated "Recharge" area at your event is a great way to keep your patrons connected and present at your event!

Our Tips to Improve Engagement At Events

It is no secret that organising an event is a monumental task. One of the challenges faced by many event professionals is creating truly engaging experiences for their attendees. Between negotiating venue hire, sponsor prospecting and stakeholder management, there is a lot that goes into organizing an event.

A common misstep is failing to communicate with attendees leading up to an event. With a little planning and the right mobile app, driving engagement at your next event can be as effortless and rewarding for you as it is for your attendees.

Push Notifications To Keep Your Audience Aware

Keep your attendees in the loop by sending push notifications in the lead up to your event. Advertise speakers, exhibitors, sponsors, key event app elements or new content to keep your attendees checking back and engaged. Bonus points for making use of notification links to direct attendees to relevant pages.

Hire Phone Charging Stations For The Day

Everyone these days has a mobile phone and it is important that your guests, traders and attendees are able to charge their phones. With charged phones, people at your events can tweet, post a status to Facebook and Snapchat your event creating buzz.

Interactive Sessions

Collaborate with your speakers to organize a series of topics of interest that will make the sessions exciting and engaging. Advertise these sessions through event app push notifications to help build interest and attendance.

Promotion & Social Media Marketing

Use social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram to create a following around your event. Work closely with your sponsors, traders and invited speakers to create engaging content leading up to the event. Consider creating a hashtag to further promote the event app and event. Lastly, get creative. A picture is worth a thousand words and a video is worth even more.

andrew o'brien