Hire A Phone Charging Station For Your Wedding

Charging Station For Your Wedding

From wedding planners to wedding venue owners, if there’s one growing trend they’re all starting to see, it’s the increased need for mobile phone charging lockers at weddings.

With social media leading the way and people feeling the need to stream every move they make (especially at such special occasions), the need to keep phone batteries amped and ready has never been more present.

Fortunately, with our phone charging station hire services, you can now ensure your entire wedding party remain connected and ready to snap each and every moment of the most special day of your life. Still not convinced? 

Make Sure You Remember Every Moment

Your wedding is the most important day of your life and ensuring you capture every moment is imperative. One way to do that is to provide the means to keep your guests connected at all times. 

Growing Popularity Of Social Media

Special events are a guaranteed social media overload, which makes a fully charged phone battery a must. With our Power Compact Pro you could offer guests the ability to simply drop their phones at a convenient charging station and continue to enjoy the day. 

Whether they want to live stream the wedding breakfast on Instagram or post a picture of your cake on Facebook, your wedding guests will be paying close attention to their phone’s battery life and ensuring you’re one step ahead is just another way to make your day the best day possible.

 Which Phone Charging Station Do You Need?

While we could quite easily offer you any one of our phone charging stations, we think it’s a good idea to take a closer look at your big day to find the most suited option.

First things first, let’s take a look at the size of your wedding? Is it a small intimate affair? Or do you have hundreds of people attending? The size of your guest list will have a huge impression on the type of phone charging station you need.

The Power Locker & Power Stand

From our Power Stand that offers the ability to charge 20 different devices at any one time to the Power Locker that offers the ability to securely lock away 6 devices. If you have a lot of people attending then the Power Stand would be a great choice. Having said that, it’s also worth noting the size of the venue or at the very least, the size of the room you’ll be placing the charging locker in.

The Power Compact Pro - For The Smaller Wedding Venues

If it happens to be particularly small, you may find the previously mentioned Power Compact Pro a better choice as it allows the ability to charge 20 devices within a relatively small footprint, thus taking up minimal space.

Contact ChargeSpot Today

Whatever you deem to be the best option, you can rely on Chargespot UK to provide you with the ability to keep your guests (and yourselves of course) connected throughout the entire day and well into the night. Simply contact us today on 07940 032344.

Jason Singh